Throw a Beautiful Bridal Shower With Customized Details

Bridal Shower

Are you planning a bridal shower for someone special? There are so many things to consider to make sure the special day, before The Special Day, is perfect. From snacks, to games, creating an invitation list, and helping with travel arrangements, preparing for a bridal shower can be exhausting. We’ve compiled a few tips to make your special event even more spectacular by including customized and unique details that celebrate the bride.



Don’t settle for bland invitations that provide you with blanks to fill in by hand. Choose gorgeous, custom invitations that are a reflection of the bride’s personality. From whimsical to vintage to classic, your invitations will get guests excited about your party and help them know what to expect. Best of all you won’t have writers cramp after meticulously rewriting the party details over and over.


In addition to traditional balloons and flowers, bring something personal to the party to remind guests what the day is all about.

Set up a personalized picture frame with a photo of the bride and groom. Place pillows with the initials of the happy couple at the front of the room where the bride will open her gifts.

You can even serve guests from a personalized serving platter and plates engraved with the initial of the bride’s new last name.

These little decorations will celebrate the wedding and can then be given to the bride when the shower is over.


Most people will be giving the bride something off her registry, but you can bring some surprise and fun with gifts that are specifically personalized for her.

Give her a throw blanket with a picture of the happy couple, so they can snuggle together on a cold evening. Or give her a set of towels with her initial embroidered on them that she can use in a new home.

Personalized mugs make a lovely gift, especially when combined with a bag of high end coffee.

Any gift that includes a representation of her new life is sure to be a favorite.

You can throw a beautiful bridal shower that is uniquely created for the bride. She will appreciate the effort you put in to making her shower as special as she is.