Perfectly Personalized Holiday Gifts for the Grandparents

Personalized Grandparent Gift Guide
Personalized Grandparent Gift Guide

They’ve been there to spoil you at every turn. Maybe you have grandparents that love to shower you with gifts, or perhaps you have a grandparent that loves to impart the wisdom they’ve spend obtaining. Maybe it’s time to tell mom and dad that their title is about to change to Mimi and Papa. However you’ve been influenced by the grandparent in your life, it’s important to find a unique and special way to say thank you.


When the time has come to find the perfect gift for a grandparent, it is important to incorporate a personal touch. When you’re 4 years old a macaroni card is a sufficient way to show your gratitude, but if you’ve outgrown uncooked pasta and Elmer’s glue, you may need a little help finding the perfect gift.


We’ve compiled a list of gifts that are sure to pull on the heartstrings of the grandparent in your life.

You may not be able to always be around with a welcoming hug, but you can give the next best thing. With a personalized fleece blanket, you can wrap a grandparent in love. After all, who doesn’t like being warm and snuggly?


To add a personalized flair, you can choose a favorite picture of a cherished memory of the children with their grandparents to create your gift. If you’re an artist, you could utilize your own work to give a one of a kind gift they will want to brag about to their friends.


Grandparents will love to wrap up in the cozy fleece blanket and display it in a prominent place to ensure that it becomes the topic of conversation with visitors.


Want to grab one of these cozy blankets? Click here to browse our design templates.


Put a picture of each grandchild on a personalized photo pillow to create a collection of pillows that highlights each precious child. You can create a pillow for each grand child or use one of our collage templates to bring everyone together.


However you choose to share your sentiment, the grandparents in your life will love to display their pillows on a bed or sofa, as a reminder of the family they love so much.

Ready to start your own customize pillow? Find our design templates here.

What could make a holiday get together or family dinner more special that including a table runner personalized just for your family?


Add a sentimental touch to family gatherings by adding photos of your most cherished memories, or add pictures of the whole family. Commemorating the past will enrich the traditions that you hold as a family.


Bring your family together with one of our unique table runners here.

Wood Grain Photo Table Runner

You will love seeing the amazement and delight on the faces of any grandparent who receives one of these beautiful, personalized gifts.

Get started today to create the holiday gift that everyone will be talking about.