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Home Décor for a Classy Halloween

If you want your Halloween home décor to be more classy rather than spooky, scary, or childish, then you have come to the right place. Here are some home décor tips for a classy Halloween:


Fall Colors

In order to make your Halloween décor classy you need to stop thinking of Halloween colors in the simple terms of black and orange. You can decorate for Halloween with beautiful fall colors that go perfectly with Halloween, including; scarlet, mustard, brown, yellow, red, burgundy, black, orange, etc.


Think Antique and Spider Webs

You don’t have to make your Halloween décor scary and creepy. You can get a bit of a haunted house feeling without the creep factor by using things like candle holders/candles/vases and draping spider webbing around them. You can put the spider webbing on things like the bookshelves and the centerpieces on your tables. You can even drape some around pictures that hang around your house.


Use Drapes and Tablecloths

A classy Halloween can be made using drapes and tablecloths in classy Halloween colors like black, brown, crimson, etc. The drapes and tablecloths will give the house a softer more classy look.


Happy Halloween Chalkboard Door Hanger

Flowers, Pumpkins, and Door Hangers

A scary Halloween includes spooky skeletons, monsters, etc. Instead, you can make it classy by using fall colored flowers, pumpkins and other fall gourds to decorate your house with. You can also add a little Halloween sweetness with door hangers like this.


This may not be too classy but keep a bowl of candy around and it will definitely add to the Halloween decor.

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