The Essential New Baby Easter Gift Guide

Easter is just around the corner, which means soon it’s time to dig out the food coloring, those plastic eggs that you’re sure you stored somewhere in your closet, and of course that easter grass, that you just finished cleaning up last year.  When it comes to filling Easter baskets and bringing joy to little ones hearts, you can pretty much rely on the fact that a giant chocolate bunny and a well placed five dollar bill will do the trick, but what if you have a new baby to buy for this year? This new baby Easter gift guide will help you sort through the adorable options out there, by highlighting some of our favorite gifts for the tiniest boys and girls. Rest assured mom and dad will love these gifts too!


The Easter Gift Guide:

Floral Receiving Blanket


Baby Blankets— Some of the most precious moments spent with babies are holding them while they sleep. There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding that sleeping child, even if they insist on only sleeping for two hours at a time. Why not help cozy up that moment with an adorable baby blanket. This snuggly pink bunny blanket is perfect for tiny princesses who loves to snuggle. If you’re looking for something so soft that you’ll have trouble letting go, you want this velour blanket, that is sure to make your little guy into a snuggly little guy. Whichever you choose, your baby is sure to appreciate the soft cuddles that will ensue.


Neck Tie Bib

Easter Bibs — Keeping your child in high Easter fashion, and keeping them clean at the same time can be quite the task. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered, quite literally if you purchase these bibs. If you are all about having a dapper little man for easter, this Sunday best tie bib may just be the easiest way to have him sporting a neck tie. It is a great addition to any little man’s Easter basket and the perfect finishing touch for every outfit. Want your little girl to shine with Easter delight? Put on this cute Easter Bunny Bib and watch her light up. These bibs also makes awesome photo accessories.

Easter Bunny Bow Bloomer


Diaper Covers — Nothing is cuter than a baby’s bottom, except maybe a baby bottom wearing a spring garden bloomer with a cute, colorful spring creature. Has your little one moved on to toddler sizes?, this Toddler Bow Bloomer will make the perfect accent to any easter dress! Your little one will look so sweet wearing these bloomers you’ll have to get a picture to cherish the moment forever.


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