The 3 Essential Considerations For Home Accent Pieces

We hear a lot about home accent pieces, but what are they, and why do I want them? Think of your home as a meal, and your accent pieces are the garnish. With the right pieces your design may be equivalent to a five star gourmet meal. Leave them out and you may be left looking at a $2.99 value meal.


While the fundamental tone of your room is defined by the decoration and general layout, accent pieces provide highlights that subtly give it a finished look. Accent pieces are the glue that hold your space together, and are the easiest way to make your space, uniquely you.

Consider Your Style

When looking at what to buy it’s important to pinpoint what style your space is trying to convey. Is it old-world charm, clean and modern, country-style or uptown apartment look? Whatever your style, choose pieces that match that look, taking into account the colors and textures of the main components in your room. If you have a very neutral space, it is wise to look for accent pieces that add color and pizzaz to your space.

Consider The Scale31-piece-light-fixture

When considering decor options for home accent pieces, context is key, so always look at items with the whole space in mind. When you see something in a shop, it may have immediate appeal to you, but in the context of your room, it may not bring the focus where you want it. Nothing is worse than a collection of interesting pieces that look more like an exhibition than a home. It is important to not only consider the look of an accent piece, but also the footprint. You may love that 12 foot wagon wheel light fixture, but it may be a bit much in your studio apartment. Remember, blank space is an important feature in every design. Don’t believe us? Take a look at any home design picture, and look at how the objects are spaced out, and how space was intentionally left blank.


Take a Risk With Your Home Accent Pieces

This is where the internet can help because you can bring up a picture of the object on your tablet or smartphone, and look at it in the context of your room. This will help you judge if the piece helps the ambiance of the room or fights against it. This process can also allow you to test risky designs that you wouldn’t normally consider. Take pictures of items you would never otherwise consider, you may be surprised to see what fits when you see it in place.



These small home accent pieces may seem insignificant, but they are critical to adding your own personality to the space you are creating. At Bella Bug we love accent pieces as much as you do, so you should check out our house and home selection for great ideas, or contact us to speak to one of our consultants.