6 Steps To The Perfect Party For All Ages

The Perfect Party

When you have finally reached the stage of life known as adulthood, you begin to realize that your parties, now must include party goers of all ages. Many of your parties have age groups that range from younger children to mature adults, with all ages in-between. This is especially true if you are hosting a family reunion, a wedding or another similar event. It might seem tough to plan the perfect party that will be appealing to guests of all ages. However, if you follow these 6 steps you can ensure that your event transcends the ages.

1. Choose a Family-Friendly Venue

First of all, make sure that you choose a family-friend venue. One great option is to host your event on the water or at another outdoor venue — then, all of your guests are sure to enjoy the view and atmosphere. If you know there will be The perfect party venuechildren of all ages in attendance, consider a local park. Many parks have everything you need for a great party. Think picnic tables, grills, activities for the adults such as hiking and horse shoes, and of course playgrounds for the kiddos. Nothing helps the flow of a party like having a built in play area for the kids in attendance.

If you’re looking for an indoor venue, why not look at planning your party at a trampoline park? These relatively new entertainment centers can be loads of fun for all ages. Kids can literally bounce off the walls without disturbing your party! Adults love them too, it’s almost impossible to not smile while bouncing on a trampoline. Best of all the children will leave your party exhausted! The parents in attendance will be endlessly in your debt for tiring out their children.

Family friendly venues are limitless, get creative, be sure to ask questions, You may just discover a hidden gem right in your own neighborhood!


2. Pick a Menu That Appeals to All Ages

Grilled FoodWhen planning your menu, choose foods that will appeal to all ages. One great option is to offer grown-up versions of kid-friendly foods. For example, consider serving a gourmet macaroni and cheese dish with spectacular cheeses and a bread crumb topping to appeal to everyone.

Another great option is to make your menu look fun. Kids eat a surprising variety of foods, but sometimes they need to be tricked into trying something new. Think of fun ways to dress up your dishes. Maybe you can turn your sandwich tray into a tray of friendly monsters, with a few toothpicks and olives. Get creative, and surprise your guests. If you need ideas for how to present your food, start here.

If you want to play it safe, get out the grill and cook up an assortment of meat and vegetables. It’s a fact that cooking your food over fire makes it 74% more delicious, don’t ask how it’s magic.


3. Choose a DJ Instead of a Band 

For your larger events, you’re going to have to provide music, it’s just a fact of life. While small gatherings may do just fine with a laptop and a Spotify playlist, major life events require you to Daddy Daughter Danceoutsource the music production.

When choosing a band, you often have to settle for one particular genre of music. This might not go over well when you have a mix of kids, teens, young adults, and seniors at your event. A DJ can take requests and mix things up so that everyone will hear something that will make them want to dance. Just make sure that you tell the DJ to keep things family-friendly.

Remember when choosing a DJ to do your research. The wrong DJ can take the focus off your special day and leave your guests wondering what you were thinking.  Don’t just choose the first listing, or the cheapest. Ask to speak to past clients, and look for online reviews. A reputable DJ will be open with sharing referrals.


4. Serve Alcohol-Free Drinks That Can Be “Spiked”

Fruit PunchAlcohol can be a very hot-button issue, so think about who you are inviting and the tone you want to set at your party before offering the opportunity to imbibe. If you do choose to offer up adult beverages, get creative with your presentation. Wine can be easily chilled in any venue in these rustic drink tubs.

If you’re looking for a drink everyone can enjoy then nothing says “perfect party” quite like a tasty mixed punch. It’s sure to be a great treat for the younger guests and for those who don’t want to indulge, but you can always provide vodka and other spirits that adults can add to their punch if they want to. This keeps you from having to police the “adult” punch bowl. Nothing ruins a party faster than a young child getting a drink from the wrong bowl.


5. Provide All-Ages Entertainment

When choosing entertainment for your perfect party, consider options that will be appealing to everyone. For example, illusionists often perform amazing tricks that are intriguing for guests from young to old. Dream up games that will be fun for all ages. Remember, that children delight in watching adults behave like children, so consider offering up games with different age groups competing. Encourage your adult guests to participate and they will become the entertainment for the little ones. These games could range from a three legged race, tug of war, or even a water balloon fight if your guests are adventurous.

Remember that entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be it’s own category. If you choose the right venue, entertainment may be built in for you.

6. Choose the Right Invitations

Choosing the right invitations for your family-friendly, all-ages event is important. Luckily, here at Bella Bug, we offer lots of options that can be customized to your taste. Consider browsing our invitations, and look for an option with bright colors and a fun design that will suit your event and be visually appealing for everyone on the guest list. Regardless of your theme, we offer both modern and more traditionally-styled invitations that are sure to be a hit.

Planning for the perfect party can be tough, especially if you are trying to appeal to a wide variety of ages. Luckily, following these tips can help you plan an event that will be a blast for everyone who is on your guest list. So gather your thoughts, right down some ideas, design a custom invitation, and start planning the party of the century!