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The Essential Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Husbands

Let’s face it — there’s a lot of pressure put on guys to find just the right gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, there’s no shame in going the traditional route and buying overpriced roses that are marked up for the occasion. However, if you’re looking to make a unique statement this year and show her that you really know her and her tastes, then this Valentine’s Day gift guide is for you. Here are some popular gifts for that special woman in your life:

Burlap Shimmer Totes




Tote Bags

Women love a good bag. Most women have a section in their closet assigned for handbags, tote bags and carry alls. There just seems to be a lot of things that they need to take with them wherever they go. A Daytripper Wave burlap tote makes a great Valentine’s gift with its beautiful pattern, rope handles and numerous pockets. Plus, there are three colors to choose from so you know her favorite color is available.




Infinity Scarf - Black & White

Infinity Scarfs

If the special lady in your life has a sense of fashion and always looks amazing wherever she goes, then scarves play a large part in her wardrobe all year round. Infinity scarves hit the scene and stole women’s hearts with their unique design that doesn’t require fancy knot tying. The Rayon Infinity scarf is a great choice this holiday. It comes in two color palettes: tangerine and white and black and white. As it gets closer to spring, the tangerine and white scarf adds a pop of color to any outfit while the black and white scarf is a classic.





Lexus With Bow

Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes, nothing says I love you like a Lexus with a big red bow on it. If you’re the kind of guy that has an unlimited bank roll and you love people to know about it. Pick up one of Lexus’ 2016 models.  If she fancies an SUV the mid-sized GX may be a great way to go. Your friends and neighbors will all be jealous of how much you love your special lady.



Initial Bangle Set


Women love jewelry from the expensive kind that comes in blue boxes to the fun mix and match kind that allows them to express their taste and show off their style. The Initial Bangle Set gives her the chance to mix and match her favorite wrist wear this Valentine’s Day. The set features four bracelets in varying widths in black and white with gold tones. The thickest bangle features her initial. She’ll love shaking her wrist and watching the bracelets move around.





At Bella Bug, we love helping people pick out just the right gifts for any holiday, that’s why we wrote this helpful Valentine’s Day gift guide. If you need more gift ideas for that special woman in your life, explore the Gifts For Her section on our site, you won’t be disappointed.