Home Décor: Sprucing it up for Easter

Spruce Up Your Easter Decor

Easter will be here soon. The time has come to pull out the decorations and adorn your home with spring flowers, colorful eggs, and pastel colors.  Perhaps you’ve grown weary of decorating with solid colored plastic eggs, paper bunny cut outs, and (GASP!) that stupid plastic grass that lives in your home for the 7 months immediately following your celebration.  We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you spruce up your Easter home decor in a way that is uniquely you.


Turn Plastic Easter Eggs into Glamor Eggs

Over the years you have probably acquired a plethora of those plastic Easter eggs. Typically you use these eggs to house candy, small toys, or spare change. They are of course useful for entertaining the children with a hunt that can last from 5 minutes to over an hour, depending on how well you record your egg hiding spots. However, did you know you can use those extra or leftover plastic Easter eggs as part of your spring and Easter home décor? You can even spruce them up so they do not look plastic and tacky. Glamor up your plastic eggs by using Mod Podge, a sponge brush, and rolling the eggs in your choice of glitter, beads, and other embellishments. Display these eggs in vases or trays all around your house.

Colorful Easter Eggs Monogram Shower Curtain

Easter In Every Room

Why limit your decor to just one room? You can find unique Easter decor that will work to accent every room in your house. I’m not talking about adoring your toilet with easter grass, but why not consider a customizable shower curtain this easter. These are adorable in a child’s bathroom, and make the perfect accent piece in any bathroom your guests may be visiting. So spread the cheer of the season around your home. Explore and experiment with new decor ideas you haven’t considered before!


Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorations

Instead of dying boiled eggs this year, why not try decorating some eggs Ukrainian style? You can buy a Ukrainian egg kit and use hollow eggs (you poke two tiny holes in the top and bottom of each egg and blow out the insides). This style of decorating eggs uses melted wax to make intricate designs then dye to add color. This is a fun activity and the final products make beautiful decorations for the house – and since the eggs are hollow you can keep them for years




Cherry Blossoms In Vase

Springtime Branches

Another simple, yet gorgeous Easter decoration is using the springtime branches from the trees outside. Clip a few branches with blossoms their stems and place them in a vase on your table. This is a great project to let the little ones help with the decoration. If you have small children let them ride on the shoulders of a strong and willing adult, and choose which branches will get clipped. If your little ones are older, let them help you cut the branches. This is a wonderful way to make sure you whole family is invested in your Easter Decor.


However you choose to decorate your home this Easter season, remember to make it uniquely you. Decor is an expression of you, so go a little crazy, and have fun. Need ideas for recipes, gifts, and activities? Check out our Easter Pinterest board.