3 Unique Home Decor Ideas

Your house is more than just a home, it’s your haven. It is your own domain where your taste and personality are on display. It’s your opportunity to express yourself in a way that you will experience on a daily basis.  There are several ways you can establish your unique style. You can assemble an eclectic collection of items you find, repurpose or rehab old items you already have, or personalize every day items to make them your own. However you feel bests express you, don’t miss the opportunity to make your space uniquely you.

See the Signs

Signs, either found or reproduced, lend quirky appeal to any decorating style. Hang oversize tin signs for a modern look or hand-painted wood signs for easy country-style. If you want to start out small with a few accent signs, our pewter chalkboard trays measure 6″ by 6″ and come in five different shapes, such as oval or square. Make each tray your own with a unique chalkboard design or personal note. Display the completed tray on your bedroom bureau or hang one on the mudroom wall.

Hang It Up

Wreaths lend a warm sense of welcome to your front door, but don’t limit their potential. Hang or display wreaths as part of your interior decor. Make your own wreath with real or artificial flowers and greenery and hang it as a pop of unexpected color on your gallery wall. The burlap wreath features two burlap bows lovingly placed on cinched burlap and bows lovingly placed measures 18.5″ by 18.5.” Customize the wreath with an initial made of wood.

Pillow Talk

Make your home comfortable and unique with a variety of pillows in different shapes and sizes. Oversize pillows lend comfort to couches and floors while pillows with printed sayings speak for you. Our collection of personalized pillows help you to create an one-of-a-kind pillow that commemorates a baby’s birth, your wedding day, or any special occasion.

Next time you’re out scouring the flea markets or consignment shops for unique design items, save time for savoring the many customizable options at