Planning the Perfect Party

There comes a time that all of us must step up and plan a party. Now we can’t all be Susan from your son’s third grade class. Susan knows how to through a perfect party. She has the local tent-rental facility on her speed dial, and an underground connection with a seemingly endless supply of inflatable bounce houses.

If you find yourself tasked with planning a party, don’t fret, we’ve got a few simple steps to help you create an event that everyone enjoys!

When you being the party planning process, one thing that brings everything together is a central theme. A central theme helps you decide on decorations, activities, refreshments, and more. Your central theme could include colors, a movie, an event, or a style. An anniversary party could have a rustic country theme, while a birthday party could be superhero themed. A color scheme, for instance, goes a long way to helping you have a cohesive event.

Now that you have a theme, what do you do with it? Well, using this theme, you decide on decorations, invitations, food, and activities.

The invitations that you send out give people their first impression about what you party will be like. A trip to your local five-and-dime will help you understand that it’s hard to find exactly what you want at locally. Once you have established a theme, the next best course of action is customizing your own invitations online gives you the freedom to pick the colors and images that fit your theme exactly.

When it comes to decorations, you don’t have to go all out. Perhaps spray painting the grass to match your themed bbq could be a little over the top. Simple touches here and there really make the party something special. Have two to three decorations in the space where the guests will be spending their time. Need ideas for great decorations? Head over to Pinterest for an endless supply of how-to’s and inspirational photos. If there is food, make sure to have something on the table to tie everything in.

While you may feel pressured to make your food styled in a way that reflects the theme, this isn’t necessary for a successful soiree. Instead consider style of your party and choose food and drinks that will reflect that style. For a more formal get together, avoid messy food that might stain nice clothing. If it is a kid’s event, include fun and colorful refreshments. While it may be easy to prepare a monster punch for a Halloween party, wrapping your hotdogs in decorative tuxedos with matching vests and Versace bow-ties may just be over doing it.

Whatever you choose to do for your party, aim to create an atmosphere that is pleasing and enjoyable. If you love it, then your guests are sure to as well, except for Susan. Susan will certainly leave in a jealous huff.