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7 Baby Shower Gifts That Will Win The Party

What a cute little invitation you got in the mail.  Someone you know is expecting, and you’re invited to the baby shower!  Cake, games, friends, and did we mention cake?  Keep in mind that baby showers are now often unisex affairs, so don’t be surprised if you see the dad-to-be there, and are able to bring your partner too. But wait!  What gift will you bring to the shower? No need to worry, we’ve got 7 baby shower gifts that will solidify your spot as the greatest gift giver of all time!

1. Sunday Best Neck-Tie Bib

Neck Tie Bib

Who doesn’t love a baby doing grown up things? What could be more grown up than wearing a tie? Pair the adorableness of a tie wearing baby with the necessary clothing protection that comes with a bib, and you have a winning gift.

You can get your bib here.

2. Unique Photo Backdrop

Do you think there’s a chance the new parents will take pictures of their bundle of joy?

Of course they will, and your gift can help them stage those pictures from pregnancy through the preteen years. (After that there is a good chance the kids will stop posing.)

Help them set there pictures apart with this adaptable and unique photo backdrop from Dot Boxed


3. Soft Rattle Set

Looking for a more traditional gift? Grab this adorable spring garden burp cloth and rattle set.  The cloth is soft cotton, and the round stick rattle is made of soft chenille, the perfect way to welcome a little one to the world.

4. Baby Necessities Wreath

Want to offer a little bit of everything to the new parents? That doesn’t mean your gift can’t have stunning presentation. What about an adorable baby shower gifts wreath from Poetic Wee One Boutique

They are made from rolled diapers, wash cloths, baby booties and more!


5. Snuggly Bunny Baby Blanket

Bunny Blanket

If you think the new parents are going to want to snuggle with their new bundle of joy, you may want to help the process along with this soft and adorable bunny blanket.

It’s been scientifically proven that soft blankets can improve snuggle efficiency by up to 47%.

So go on get your blanket here and help your friends or family snuggle to the fullest!

6. Thermometer Pacifier

On the list of useful baby shower gifts, this one ranks very high. As a parent it makes me angry that this, to my knowledge, did not exist when my kids were little. Taking an infants temperature typically involved a unique combination of acrobatic, lasso, and wrestling skills.

Help out the new parents with this ingenious pacifier thermometer


7. A True Piggy Bank

Boy Bank

Are your friends fiscally minded savers?  They can start teaching baby early to save with this adorable piggy bank. With a hat and loafers on, dad-to-be is sure to be amused at the shower.  The parents can also personalize the bank with the included pen!

Hopefully you’ve found inspiration from these baby shower gifts. Now you know the path that will make you an epic gift giver.  So go forward with confidence, have a good time, and mail us a piece of cake!