5 Tips for Coordinating the Perfect Table Decorations for Your Wedding Reception

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, you most likely have a pretty good idea of what style of wedding dress you will wear, what colors will represent your wedding, the types of flowers you will want in your bouquet and who you would like to invite. The finite details, like table decorations, may require a little more thought. You want to choose linens, flowers, settings, and accents that complement your theme and color palette. Here are five tips for coordinating the perfect table decorations for your wedding.

It All Starts With The Table Shape

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If you have rented a small space and need to maximize room or are planning an elegant wedding, round or oval tables are ideal. Long banquet tables are suitable for marriage halls or for intimate small weddings where everyone knows each other. Avoid placing tables in rows or blocks; this causes a very static type of look. The head table and cake table should be angled on display as the central focus, and each area behind and around each table should be decorated as well.

Many Uses For Table Stationery

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There are lots of uses for wedding stationary on a table. Many brides-to-be take a course in calligraphy before the wedding so they can add a personal touch to each place setting. Elegant menu cards can become keepsakes as well as hand-created name cards, table numbers, and thank-you cards. In addition to helping guests find their seats with ease, beautiful stationery adds to the ambiance and elegantly fills the space.

Flowers As Centerpieces

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When it comes to floral centerpieces, less is more. If you have your heart set on having lots of beautiful and fragrant flowers, save the elaborate arrangements for the cake table, the head table, the aisles at the wedding venue or church and the bridal bouquets. Floral centerpieces should be delicate and sit low on the table; this encourages interaction among guests at each table. A few simple blooms in a bowl of water with floating candles add elegance, and it is also inexpensive to implement. If you love vases, keep them small and put a couple of long-stem flowers inside each vase with clear stones, rocks, sand, colored lights or any accent of your choosing. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can also get creative by arranging your centerpieces in glass jars, tin buckets, painted vases, conch shells and long-stem wine glasses.

Dinnerware, Flatware, And Glassware

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While you may have specific ideas in mind for the shape and color of your plates, bowls, and chargers, most flatware and glassware options are standard. Wine glasses, water glasses, silver or gold flatware, and bride-and-groom champagne flutes are customary choices in clear glass. People planning country-themed weddings may prefer to substitute wine glasses with glass canning jars, but most wedding themes allow for the standard clear glass drinkware and standard flatware.

Decorative Centerpieces

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A decorative centerpiece is the most eye-catching and captivating decoration on each table. Aside from flowers, a decorative centerpiece gives you an opportunity to incorporate and showcase your wedding colors or theme. Bright fruits and flowers arranged in a glass vase are great for a spring wedding theme. Lanterns or candles with white flowers add an elegant touch to evening outdoor weddings or fall weddings. Birdcages, seashells, branches, glass centerpieces, sequin table runners and baskets all add whimsy and character to any wedding table.

In addition to flowers, centerpieces, candles, stationery, and dinnerware, table linens are also important from a function and wedding fashion standpoint. Table linens can be made from canvas, cotton, tulle, sequined fabric, lace and everything in between. Your napkins, table runners, tablecloths and chair covers should all blend in with the color palette and wedding theme in a complementary manner.


After you have secured your union and are ready to celebrate with beloved friends and family, your reception venue of choice will be decorated and prepared to enjoy. As you dance, sing, drink, eat and laugh with guests, you will take memory snapshots of the lights, the scent of the flowers, the glow of the candles and the beautiful handwritten place setting you created to commemorate your special day. Whether you love elegant table settings with regal chandeliers and crystal glass centerpieces or prefer the understated elegance of a single bloom in a small bud vase, your wedding reception tables should represent your vision for your dream wedding. When you see the way all of the table accents come together, you will feel proud of all of your planning and hard work.

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