Making the Most of a Bad Situation: Divorce Parties are Trending

Divorce is never a fun situation. After the drama and the lawyers, even the most amicable split would leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. Even though divorce is much more commonplace than ever, it still represents a depressing and dark time in a person’s life. However, many divorced people are indulging in the divorce party trend and throwing a party as the final chapter of their married life. There are several different kinds of divorce parties and each one is different.

The Conscious Uncoupling

Not every divorce is a disaster. Some couples just realize that they are not good together and that marriage is not for them. This type of couple would be the type to throw a joint conscious uncoupling party. This type of party is mean to celebrate the (un)couple and put the friends and family more at ease as they transition into a new phase of life.

The Woman Scorned

Sometimes, a woman coming out of a bad marriage is so relieved, she just wants to cut loose and celebrate. These parties often include a smashed wedding cake, a destroyed wedding dress, and other items that help the lady of honor move from married life to single life again. It also helps the woman emerge on the social scene for wherever life takes her next.

The Bachelor

Of course, a woman isn’t the only one who can come out of a bad situation. The man who is on the other side of a bad relationship is equally excited to re-enter the social scene. A “Bachelor Again” party can be a fun take on the traditional bachelor party and make memories for the man of the hour with his friends and help him overcome anxiety about being single in the social scene again.

How to Host a Divorce Party

If you have a friend or family member that is going through a divorce and you feel that they might want to hop on the divorce party trend, the first thing to do is ask them. A surprise divorce party can go over like a lead balloon and no one will have fun in that atmosphere.

The next step is to make a list of invitees. Is the honoree going to invite the person that they just divorced from and share the spotlight? Make sure that each invited person is approved by the honoree. Send out the party invitations early, with any appropriate instructions for guests. SInce uncoupling parties are still a relatively new phenomenon, it is important to let people know what they should expect.

It’s common for most divorce parties to serve alcoholic beverages. Check the qualifications of your bartender before hiring them to avoid any unfortunate mishaps at the event.

Finally, just have fun. This is meant to be a tongue in cheek reaction to what can be a traumatizing event. Whether you go all out or do a small gathering for a few friends, the thought is really what counts here, and being there for your friend or family member is what is most important!

While a wedding and a reception kickstart married life, a divorce party or new life party can be a perfect bookend to that season of life. Many people are loving this new divorce party trend and it is showing a certain joy to life, even through its darkest moments.


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