Creative Ways to Celebrate a Unique Graduation

Graduation is a big accomplishment, and it deserves to be celebrated with a themed party that incorporates your graduate’s personality. Think about what the graduate enjoys about life, their future career plans, and their unique personalities when planning the graduation celebration (this includes invitations!). Here are some ideas that you might want to consider.

Dr. Seuss

An education major who is headed off to teach in an elementary school may love a Dr. Seuss party. Use the words from Oh The Places with some minor editorial changes to create the invitations. Get a copy of the book, and have each guest write a special message to the graduate on the blank spaces in the book.

For refreshments, you can use goldfish with Dr. Seuss’ One Fish Two Fish positioned inside the book. You can also serve gummy worms in a container designed to look like a book with the word “bookworm” written on it. Create artwork for the walls by creating screen prints of the pages. Encourage each guest to bring a favorite children’s book to give to the graduate to start a classroom library.

Candy Bar

Graduating from an online school can be deeply rewarding even if it’s not at the same time as those in traditional schooling and as such should be celebrated. This is an inexpensive party that can be put together for the graduate’s closest friends with very little expense. Get large vases, fill them with candy, and put a special tag on each bowl. For example, Tootsie Rolls could be labeled “honor rolls,” Hershey Kisses could be labeled “thank you kisses,” and gold coins could be labeled “student loans.”

For entertainment, have everyone sit around a table with several candy bars in the middle of it. Then, each player, in turn, rolls two dice. If the person gets a seven or 11, they can get a candy bar. Play continues until all the candy bars have been distributed. Think about having guests bring tools that the graduate will need in their future career choice. Make a large card congratulating the graduate featuring candy bars, and have everyone sign it.

Jazz Theme

You can easily use a jazz theme for the graduate who has participated in their school’s music programs. Send out note-shaped graduation cards announcing that the student has “graduated and all that jazz!” Play upbeat jazz music during the party. You can play name that tune or another music-based game. There are even video games that have jazz music in them. Share a note-shaped graduation cake for refreshments.

Choosing a special theme helps make planning a graduation party simpler and more special. It is fun to celebrate graduations at all levels, so get busy planning one for an upcoming graduation. The graduate will be thankful that you were so very thoughtful.