Grow a Happy Life Linen Garden Hand Towel

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  • Linen Material
  • Embroidered Greenery Design
  • “Plant Dreams, Pull Weeds, and Grow a Happy Life” sentiment
  • Burlap Pleated Hem
  • A desire to Rule Over Blankets

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This garden hand towel boasts a message encouraging you to have a happy life. That’s nice and all, but did you ever stop to think about the towels life?

No you didn’t, because you’re mean to towels. Think about it, all day long they hang on rods, bars, oven handles, just to be wiped with our wet or even worse dirty hands. Those are the lucky towels, their more worn brethren get tossed into a linen closet only to be pulled out and utilized to sop up our largest messes.

I think it’s time we start thinking about the towels feelings! Let these beautiful garden hand towels hang. Besides, blankets have been sitting around smugly for way too long. It’s their turn to be pulled out to sop up messes. What makes blankets so great anyway? This is the year of the towel! Who’s with me?

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