Make A Statement With A Personalized Party Invitation

Personalized Party Invitation

When was the last time you made a trip to the post office with a stack of letters in hand? Can you even remember receiving a personalized party invitation in the mail, with a handwritten message on the inside?

In today’s digital world, more and more of our day-to-day life is conducted online.  Paying bills electronically.  Online shopping.  Even college courses are becoming increasingly more common online.  Our lives have become a series of digital communications and impersonal touches. Staying in touch with friends and family happens via social media and texts. Even party invitations arrive via email, only to get lost in the sea of credit card offers, and Nigerian Princes who need a place to park their fortunes.

Gone are the days where people were excited to go to the mailbox in hopes of finding a personal note from a friend or loved one.  So when the time comes to plan your next party, let your guests know that their attendance matters to you,  that it is important that they join you for this celebration.  Let them know your party is one they don’t want to miss.

Party planning 101 says that you should start with a theme for your event, then plan everything else to fit that theme.  A Winter Wonderland party with white tablecloths and napkins, large white paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  An Academy Awards party complete with a red carpet runner to greet guests as they arrive dressed in style.  We’ve all spent hours combing Pinterest to find the latest and greatest ideas for parties, but why not start the experience at the very first touch.  Create a customized, printed invitation to send to your guests.  Something elegant for a special, adults-only gathering.  Bold colors and big text for a celebratory bash.  Vintage designs for those milestone events.

When your guests head to the mailbox, the envelope addressed to them will get their attention.  Once opened, it will likely claim a spot on the refrigerator or the memo board in the kitchen, where it will get noticed every time someone passes by.  Your party will be written on the calendar.  It will not be overlooked in an already crowded email in box.  It will not be forgotten.  Your party will be talked about….starting with the moment your invitation arrives.

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