Appealing Home Décor On A Budget

Appealing Home Décor On A Budget

In today’s world we’re always looking for way to save money. That doesn’t mean we want to abandon the dream of living in a nice home with great décor that expresses your style.  It may seem that the latest interior design trends cost a fortune, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Just use a bit of “know how” and a few great inspirational ideas and your home décor on a budget can transform your space.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Home design can live and die with the accent pieces you choose. Adding a splash of color or a wild pattern can be the difference between a drab space, and an all-star design. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Hit up your local thrift store, or over stock retailer, and try a few different styles to see what tickles your fancy. You may be surprised at the deals you can find if you’re willing to search.

A Little Serving Style

Presenting your food in an appealing and unique way is an often over looked element of home decor. Consider something that encompasses your style, like this embossed serving platter set.  It has an intricate design with a special look, that can add a unique flair to your kitchen or dining room. Leave your guests impressed at your next dinner party!



These are torches or candle holders that are attached to the wall, that can be customized to fit any style you have in mind.  To stay within the theme of home décor on a budget, you can find countless DIY tutorials that will help you to achieve the style you want without breaking the bank. Start with this gold leaf hanging candle holder sconce if you need some inspiration!

Brass Candlesticks


Looking to add some personality to an accent table, or empty shelf? Brass candle sticks can offer a bold statement that is both a modern design and a vintage field.  Believe it or not, the number of candlesticks displayed out matters.  If there are too few, the arrangement lacks drama.  If there are too many, then it looks cluttered.  Eight candlesticks are about the right amount for candlestick arrangements.


Unique Photograph Displays

Try to make an eye-catching arrangement out of photos and these Mason jar flower vases. Utilizing vintage photographs along with these jars with weathered lids and burlap ties gives a uniquely vintage feel to your photo display. Best of all this unique idea will be a great conversation starter when people visit your home. Display them on a mantle for a very dramatic effect.



There isn’t any need to pay exorbitant prices to obtain home décor items.  You can easily also think of ideas of your own and do them inexpensively with Bella Bug.  So get out there and get your hands dirty. Experiment and find what suits you and make your own home décor on a budget.