Housewarming Party 101 for Guests

Being invited to a housewarming party is a wonderful opportunity to share in a friend’s or loved one’s celebration upon moving into a new home. Many people throw housewarming parties upon moving into a first house, although some people host these parties to celebrate moving into apartments or condos, too. Either way, you will have received an invitation of some kind.

Invitation Etiquette

These days, many people prefer to send email invitations or invitations over social media instead of traditional paper invitations. Your invitation will include the host’s name, their address, and the start and end time of the celebration. Invitations typically ask guests for an RSVP—that is, guests are asked to reply to the hosts whether or not they will be in attendance. Try to send your response within a day or two of receiving your invitation.

Should I Bring a Gift?

Housewarming parties are gift-giving occasions unless the host has specifically expressed that gifts not be given. Traditional housewarming gifts are items that help the host feel comfortable in their new home. This can include:

  • Small potted plants
  • Bottles of wine
  • Doormats
  • Cheese and cracker assortments

These gifts do not need to be very expensive; you can typically find nice housewarming gifts for under $40. Unless you happen to be purchasing an antique or vintage item, purchase a new gift.

Arrive on Time and Leave on Time

Arrive close to the start time indicated on the invitation. If necessary, give yourself plenty of travel time in order to find your destination. Housewarming parties may be held in an ‘open house’ style – that is, you are free to drop by and leave any time between the stated start and finish times. You should certainly leave by the end time stated on the invitation. Be considerate of your host’s time.

Being a Considerate Guest

There is a fine art to being a gracious guest. Be sure to thank your host for inviting you. Stay within the areas of the house where the party is happening; ask for permission if you need to enter any other area for some reason. Offer to help with serving or cleanup. Use a coaster for any drink, and try not to spill anything.

Have a Good Time

Housewarming parties can be a lot of fun. This is a time to celebrate a milestone achievement in the life of a loved one and spend some time relaxing in their new home.


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