Brighten Up Someone’s Day with Decorative Candle Holders

Wise Owl Candle Holder

Everyone has that special someone who simply lights up their life, whether that’s a family member, a significant other, a best friend, or even a coworker. Wouldn’t it be nice to return the favor in a lasting, literal way, with a radiant candle holder? Candles are always a joy to give and receive, but adding a memorable twist catered to the lucky recipient is sure to make them feel truly special during any occasion or just because.

Choosing the perfect candle holder

Candle holders come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you to decide which suits your recipient best. Some tabletop candle holders are decorated with glitter or cut-out designs to reflect candlelight or splay dancing light in interesting shapes around the room. You can also consider larger, more exotic hanging candle holders to add bohemian flair to any indoor or outdoor space.

Candle holders are pretty, but they’re also practical. They can be used over and over again by your recipient to create a bright, intimate space in their home or office and avoid the risk of a scalding, waxy mess.

If the candle fits…

Once you choose a candle holder, you’re ready for the most important part: picking a candle! Whether you want your candle to relax your recipient, reflect the time of year, or rekindle some romance, there is an aroma for any situation. If you’re still unsure when faced with the countless candle scent options, reflect on your recipient’s hobbies or interests. If they enjoy cooking or eating, for example, consider cozy kitchen-themed fragrances like Vanilla Sugar Cookie or Homemade Waffles. Or, if they prefer being out in nature, opt for fresh outdoorsy scents like Red Rose or Pine Forest.

Be sure to check the dimensions and shape of your candle holder before you go candle-hunting, to make sure the candle will fit. It’s also worth thinking what color candle would accent your candle holder best.

Put the two together, wrap them in some gorgeous wrapping paper, and voila!–an easy, thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to brighten up your recipient’s day.