To the Newlyweds — Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception Exit

While many engaged couples spend the bulk of their effort planning the details of the wedding ceremony and reception, it is easy to neglect to spend time to plan an epic exit from the festivities. Your reception exit is the perfect cherry on top of your special day. Here are three tips to help guide you as you plan your exit from your wedding reception.

The Send-Off

While throwing rice is the classic send-off, you don’t have to be limited to this approach. Other unique ideas to consider for your send-off include having your guests throw eco-friendly confetti, ring wedding bells, throw rose petals, or toss dried lavender. If you have a nighttime reception, it is fun to use sparklers or glow sticks to light your way as you leave the party. If you are having a beach destination wedding, consider adding a themed send-off by providing your guests with colorful beach balls to toss as you leave.

The Getaway Car

The getaway car is still a popular way to make your grand exit from your reception. With so many choices, it is easy to pick a car that fits your personality. There are several perks of driving a convertible, if you’re looking to get something a little more luxurious. If you are planning on taking a road trip for your honeymoon, you can justify splurging more on this getaway car and using it for your vacation. For something more unique, consider a horse and carriage or a trolley car.

What to Wear

Many couples decide to wear something different than their wedding attire for the reception exit. Getting out of your tuxedo and wedding dress has many benefits. Not only is it more comfortable during the reception, but it also helps you to relax in the getaway car if you are not dressed in formal attire. It is also fun to give a new spin to your reception when you have an outfit change. Your photos will have more diversity if you take some shots after you change your wardrobe. In addition, you will keep your wedding dress cleaner if you are not wearing it as you leave the reception.

Your reception send-off is the perfect place to express your creativity and show off your own personal sense of style. Be sure to have fun with this element of your wedding and let your personality shine.

As you plan your reception, don’t forget to send invitations so there will actually be people there!