How to Throw a Driver’s License Party for Your Teen

Learning how to drive and getting a license is one of the most important milestones for a teen. It takes hard work, lots of patience and hours of dedicated practice for your teen to obtain their driver’s license. A great way to recognize their hard work and celebrate this achievement is with a driver’s license party. Here are some tips for throwing a festive driving-themed celebration for your teen.


No party is a party without good music! Knowing how to choose the right music can make or break a good celebration. You can create the perfect playlist by consulting with your teen about their favorite artists or music genres. Thinking about the audience at the party can also help create the perfect playlist for the occasion. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! By having oldies but goodies play in-between trending music, you’ll have a party atmosphere that everyone will groove to. Make sure to add in several tunes with driving and car themes to really get into the spirit of the occasion.


Making themed food for your party can be really fun to do. Ask your teen to help you make cute desserts and food, such as traffic-cone cupcakes or traffic-light frittatas. If you don’t want to spend too much time cooking, you can always offer sandwiches cut into the shape of a car or mini cheesecake cups topped with a candy steering wheel to add some fun. Don’t forget to get your teen their favorite cake with a congratulatory message for their accomplishment and hard work.

Gift Ideas

Are you unsure about what to give your teen as a gift for this special occasion? Any driving-related item will be a great present to give. Giving your teen a drawstring “phone bag” is a good way to encourage them to not use their phone while driving. This is particularly important because, in some states, drivers under 18 are strictly prohibited by law from using a phone at all while driving. Giving your teen a gas-station gift card can help them be financially conscious and learn how to manage their money well. Gifts to help your teen drive safely will be much appreciated.

Beginning to learn how to drive can be an exciting time for you and your teen. By throwing a party for them and celebrating their accomplishment with family and friends, you’ll make this achievement even more gratifying.
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