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6 Essentials For Entertaining Outdoors

Spring has finally arrives and the time has come to enjoy the great outdoors with your family and friends. While the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends is always special, there’s nothing quite like the bonding and friendships that are built while entertaining outdoors.

Hosting an outdoor party can cement lifelong friendships; it can mend distant relationships, and is the perfect way to bring people together in your life. But what needs to happen to ensure your party is a success?

These 6 tips will get you well on your way to preparing the perfect party.

Don’t Skimp on Seating

One of the great elements of an outdoor party is that it can flow freely. You can deepen relationships without having to come up with an itinerary to entertain your guest. Being outdoors, and feeling sunshine on your skin, or the kiss of a cool breeze at dusk will set the scene, but don’t leave your guests standing all night.

There are several ways to go about seating, and you don’t have to choose just one. You can set out camping chairs, or come up with a creative way to use your existing features as seats. If you need some inspiration, how about these DIY movie theater style seats.

Be sure to arrange small group seating areas to allow people to converse. Most importantly though, make sure there is ample seating around the fire, which brings us to must have #2:

Warm The Party, Bring People Together

Since the dawn of mankind, we have pursued the most wonderful of all elements: fire. (This is a bold assumption, as the written history of the dawn of man is sporadic at best). But there is something about a fire that draws people in. The warm glow, the ability to toast marshmallows for smores, the smell of campfire that lingers for days, everything about a fire exudes comfort.

Unfortunately I’ve been told that left uncontained, fire can be dangerous, so I highly recommend constructing a structure to keep your fire securely in one place.

If you don’t have a fire pit there are countless tutorials, that will help you build a fire pit out of everything from the traditional, like stone pavers, down to the down right strange, like a shopping cart. Here’s 35 options to get you started.

Whatever you do, ensure space around your fire pit for all of your guests to gather. It’s going to be a popular destination.

Make Sure You Don’t Invite the Bugs

One of the biggest deterrents to an outdoor party is unwanted bugs. You can always keep a large jug of communal bug spray on hand. Or if your guests prefer not lathering up with greasy spray, you could strategically place citronella candles to deter unwanted pests.

If you want to keep the area bug free, but maintain a stylish back yard party, check out this adorable hanging terra cotta citronella candle. It’s stylish and functional, and if you hang them from shepherd’s hooks around the yard, you can create a warm ambiance your guests will love.

Let Them Play Games!

While it’s not imperative to have a set schedule for your party, having back yard games set up gives your guest the opportunity to break out into small groups and get to know each other.

Some of my favorite outdoor party games include cornhole, and ladder golf. They are fun for children and adults alike. Best of all, they don’t take any administration. Just set them up in your backyard and your guests will flock to them.

Want to find something creative and different? Check out this list of ideas that covers parties for all ages!

Make it Easy For Guests To Find You

Are you throwing a party for people who aren’t familiar with your house? How can you artfully create a way to easily distinguish your house?

These creative address poles are the perfect way to let your guests know exactly where to go.

Grab a creative picture of your art pole, and put it on your invitations to give your guests an idea of what they are looking for. If you’re looking to continue the look in your backyard, these art poles make the perfect accent to your garden decor. They are great conversation starters, and make wonderful gifts!

Be Prepared For Clean Up

There will come a time, when a mess occurs. It’s the part of entertaining outdoors no one likes to talk about. Most messes are easy to ignore, like that Strawberry that Karen dropped in the grass, but what are your guests going to do when you break out a plate of barbecue chicken wings?

It’s important to have napkins or paper towels available at a moments notice, but that’s no reason to sacrifice style. This water spigot paper towel holder is a beautiful way to have your cleaning supplies at arms length at any back yard party.

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, so allow your personality to flow outside. Remember that any outdoor party should be laid back. Let nature be the focus. Entertaining outdoor is a great way to throw a party that you can enjoy. Set it up, and let it go. Spend time with your guests, instead of worrying about your party.