3 Ways to Infuse Your Unique Design in the Garden

Your garden is already unique.  You took the time to choose your plants, your mulch, you plotted out how everything would be arranged. You put on your gardening gloves, picked up the necessary tools and put the effort and love into planting, watering, maybe you even weeding, but is there something more you can do to infuse some part of yourself into a unique design in the garden? How can you transform your labor of love into a unique oasis that is a true expression of you?  We’ve got 3 ideas to add that special flair to your garden.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

If you’re like me, there are few items around your house that don’t seem to have any use. You know what I’m talking about, it’s been siting in your garage waiting for the next trip to Goodwill. You walk past it every day and think, what a waste of space. But change your way of thinking and it could easily serve as a new garden centerpiece.  Anything from an old bedframe to a colorful parasol can make a unique statement in the garden.  A repainted chandelier sprouting ivy makes a beautiful statement hanging in the garden.

Keep On Walkin’

Stepping stones used to be boring.  Not anymore.  You can find all kinds of beautiful stones to have a walkway done, or you can make your own walkway.  You can mix recycled tile with bluestone or other stepping-stones to achieve a one-of-a-kind patchwork walkway that everyone will rave about.  Thinking outside the box?  You can also mix stone sizes to achieve patterns that you will find nowhere else.  Like circular patterns?  More of a linear person? The possibilities are endless, and the end result will be unique to your personality.

Heal Your Garden in an Instant 

You can also show everyone your unique style with a garden art pole.  These colorful art poles stand out and draw attention in your garden. If you’re looking to add a little pop of color or excitement to your garden, you can get one with your street number, or find one with a sentiment that fits your style.  Place a unique art pole in your garden, and you will instantly transform the area with color and whimsy.  An art pole makes a fun, unique statement about you and your garden.

Whatever you choose to add to your garden, make sure that it means something to you, or you will quickly grow tired of it.  Part of making unique design choices is being sure that they represent you. So start digging through your forgotten items, get to stepping, and add a unique twist of color to your garden.