3 Tips for Unique Engagement Photos

As we edge closer to the holiday season, more and more couples are getting ready to pop the question to each other. This time in your life can truly be one of the most memorable, and what better way to celebrate an engagement than by taking some engagement photos? Understandably, many couples want theirs to be unique and, therefore, special. The following list includes three tips to make your engagement photos extra unique.

Go for Costumes

Theme weddings are on the rise across the world, such as period attire, superheroes and royalty. This can be a fun way to create memorable photos. If your wedding will have a Victorian-style theme to it, why not don a few styles from the era? There are surely plenty of shops around town or online that can provide you with some quick costumes. Don’t worry, not all your engagement photos need to be on theme. You can just take a photo or two in costume to have framed and put into your home later on.

Renting Props

What better way to make your photos pop than by utilizing props. Sometimes the thing you wear is not enough to make it unique, and therefore, you might need some extra help with props. For example, many tend to rent larger props, such as a car. Renting a sports car for the day lets you use it in the shoot instead of only driving to the shoot. Some of the most popular include limos or something as simple as a sporty mustang rental.


Nothing says celebration than your very own fireworks. Seeking the services of a pyrotechnic can ensure that your engagement photos really have a wow factor to them. Fortunately, there is a variety of effects that you can choose from. You can go with big and bright or small and personal. The choices are truly endless. It is highly recommended, however, to seek professionals only and that everything is up to safety standards. This means being at a safe distance and away from objects that can easily catch on fire.

Getting engaged can truly be a magical experience and one that you want to remember for the rest of your life. This is why so many choose to hire a photographer for the special occasion. Making the most out of your photoshoot by being extra unique can really make your photos that much more memorable.

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