Accent Design

3 Sources For Unique Home Decor

Let’s face it, we all hate that sinking feeling that comes when you see someone wearing the same dress as you, or carrying the same bag. There’s a certain level of pride that comes from being unique. A joy that surfaces from knowing that you have scoured the earth to find that piece that expresses your identity, and makes other people say, “wow”.

Home decor is no different. There’s a feeling of accomplishment that comes when you look around your home and see things that are unique and a perfect example of your personality and lifestyle. It is something special to have things surrounding you that embody your personality. But how do you find unique designs that showcase your individuality? Here are three ideas to help you find unique items and incorporate them into your home.

Step Outside Of The Ordinary

If you want to find one-of-a-kind items, then you have to go to one-of-a-kind stores. This could mean getting out in your local community and shopping at flea markets, farmer’s markets, and boutiques. If you haven’t been to your local downtown square recently, there’s a good chance you’re missing at least one local gem. Social networking is a great way to stay connected with local offerings. You can find communities discussing local artisans who may not even have storefronts. If you want to add art to your decor, local Look through local art shows for unique artwork or pottery that is perfect for you. Don’t forget that there is an endless supply of online retailers that can provide you with countless pieces to express your style. Start looking for ideas on Etsy or Pinterest. Don’t be daunted by trying to recreate what you see, instead look for individual items that spark ideas for your own personal space.

Blaze Your Own Path

The easiest way to ensure your item is one of a kind is to browse customized products. When you look for customized products, you can get the perfect color, pattern, and a sentiment that is yours alone. In our modern technological world preserving photos is as easy as backing them up on the cloud. You can add a personal flare to any design by presenting your most treasured photos on a customized item. Pillows, Blankets, even Shower Curtains can enshrine your favorite photos and are a unique conversation piece. These meaningful items will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

The odds are you don’t describe yourself as only one thing. If someone asked you what makes you the way you are, chances are you’d have a laundry list of factors. So why do we feel the need to stick to one style when decorating. Go wild, find pieces you love, and experiment. Try different styles, colors, and patterns until you’ve created a space that makes you feel at home. If you have a neutral couch, adding a brightly colored, or customized pillow or throw will give your couch a unique and individual appearance. Now you’re not stuck with a pallet of earth tone accessories in your living room. You can pull colors and patterns from those accent pieces, to create a cohesive theme out of items that may not typically be seen together. A stylish tablecloth, vase, or centerpiece can do the same thing for a run-of-the-mill table. Mixing and matching different items will help you achieve your desired look.

Finding things that are uniquely you takes work, but if you’re going to want to replace your off the rack purchase every six months, it may be worth it. If everything in your home comes with a story, chances are you won’t be looking to replace it anytime soon. So get out there, start scouring and find the items that will allow you to express your unique personality.