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Planning Your Garden Party

It’s summer, and that means that outside is the place to be.  You’ve worked hard to have your garden looking beautiful, so why not show it off with a garden party?  Intimidated?  You can throw a garden party with a friend to take some of the heat off.


Your invitations should reflect the mood of the party.  Whether it is to be a formal affair or a laid back lounging party, your guests will know what to expect with the style of the invite.  Customizing your invitation adds a touch of intimacy that will be unexpected and may make the event more enticing.

The Menu

What kind of foods should you serve at a garden party?  Think finger foods, and think summer!  Fruity salsas, chicken skewers with your favorite sauce, mini calzones, fruit salad, and trifle for desert are just a few suggestions.

Make sure to have cool drinks for the warm day.  Sangria, lemonade, and water infused with any number of fruits or cucumber are sure to please your guests.  Wine, especially of the more fruity variety, is always a good choice as long as it is chilled.

The Venue

You’ll want to make sure you have (or rent) tables and chairs to accommodate the food and all your guests.  Plan to have the food a little distance away from the seating if possible to encourage milling around the garden so people aren’t sitting the whole time.

Want your tables to look as special as the event?  Consider taking pictures of your favorite garden flowers, and getting a table runner created for the occasion!  You will have a wonderful keepsake after the party to remember it.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun.  The planning, the organizing and the day itself are to be savored and enjoyed, just like these fleeting summer days.

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